Query Letters

Query letter writing: Let Elana critique, rework, rewrite, or completely pen your query letter. They don't call her the Query Ninja for nothing!

Packages include:
A. Need a polish/fresh eyes/quick read with minor rewriting and advice? Email consultation only. $25

B. Need some extra work, rewording, reorganization, genre advice? 15-minute Skype consultation + email support as necessary. $60

C. Write my letter for me! Two 15-minute skype consultations (one prior to writing the query letter, one following the deliverance of the letter) + email support. $100

Query letter services are available according to Elana's schedule. Elana will read your query and evaluate the amount of work she thinks it needs if you're not sure between package A and B.

Please fill out this form to inquire about query letter services. Or email Elana at elanajohnson(at)gmail.com.

No work will be done (besides evaluation reading) until payment is received. After that, query letters will be turned around within 7 days. If you're ready to move ahead with query letter services, and don't need to use the form to ask Elana questions, you can buy now!

Query Letter Critique Services